Orgwm Daydream
Born: 1949
WPCS Number: 11279
Studbook Volume: XL
Breeder: W.H.Pugh

Orgwm Daydream is registered in Volume XL, in the same volume as her daughters Orgwm Dawn, Diana and Daffodil. This indicates Daydream was purchased along with her three daughters and then registered. Likely, Dawn was in foal to Orgwm Whitey, as she was registered in Volume XLI. Also, Excelsior Seren (out of Royal Star) was registered in volume XL, which indicates they were all part of a larger sale.


Orgwm Daydream Whitehall Knight Craven Grey Grit Mathrafal Tuppence Mathrafal Vim
Twilight of Dyffryn
Criban Bay Leaf Criban Bumble Bee
Criban Wild Lily
Revel Graceful Revel Chief Criban Chief
Pentrebach Lady Whitesocks
Revel Dina Talymaes Star
Revel Forest Bay
Royal Star Craven Cyrus King Cyrus (Arab) Skowronek (Arab)
Kibla (Arab)
Irfon Lady Twilight Dyoll Starlight
Seren Eppynt
Ness Daffodil Forest Star Mixture Bleddfa Shooting Star
Emlyn Midget
Ness Lilac Bleddfa Shooting Star
Forest Nora II

Looking at the pedigree of Orgwm Daydream, she is by the relatively unknown Whitehall Knight. Through Whitehall Knight, Daydream gets a new infusion of Forest breeding, and in fact even that of Forest Nora Grey/Ness Lilac. Criban Chief is a son of Forest Greystone, who is out of Forest Nora Grey. Graceful herself was line bred to Forest Chief, as both Criban Chief and Revel Forest Bay were by Forest Chief.

Through Revel Chief's dam, we also find the first infusion of Criban Shot into the line, but of course, Criban breeding is even stronger represented through Criban Grey Grit. Grey Grit has been a very influential sire and was by Mathrafal Tuppence out of Criban Bayleaf, who was linebred to Criban Orien (g-sire to Criban Shot) and to Criban Kid (sire of Criban Shot). Orgwm Daydream seems to have stayed long with W.H. Pugh and left many daughters:


Sarnau Daydream was by a section B stallion. Her grandson Golden Derano won 4th place in the European championship dressage 2005 and was member of the team that won the European team championship 2005 under Kaja Schäfer.