• Horselands Cracker



    Horselands Cracker
    grey, born May 8, 2015.

    Photo August 22, 2017

    Horseland's Cracker is the first colt known to us to carry three lines of Dyrin Tina. He also is the first colt known to me to carry two lines of Sumrin Tristan. His mother Sumrin Twilight won her class as a foal and we only sold her under the condition that we would get a foal back out of here. As Twilight sadly died due to a freak accident, Cracker will be her only offspring. We were very happy to have him back, even though he stayed behind quite a bit due to being an orphan. 

    His sire is the multiple champion stallion Vanda's Cassanova, who is by Royal Welsh male champion Vechtzicht's Hywel out of Coelenhages Carmen, who was one of the best daughters of Sumrin Tristan. Carmen's dam is by National Champion stallion Roman Springlight, who was a Rhydyfelin bred stallion that left international and national champions. Glenfield Chocolate Cream almost made it to national champion in the Netherlands and she is by Royal Welsh champion Glenfield Chocolate Soldier and his strongly line bred to Clan Pip.

    Sumrin Twilight was by the stockgetter Kai Midas, who came out of Austrian champion Sadiqui Little Gift, who was out of many times champion Highland Little Gift. Midas's father Aelvengrey Merlynne comes from strong Rhydyfelin, Twyford and Llanerch lines. Twilight's dam was Waardhoeve's Tirion, who was a top riding pony in her prime, besides being uniquely bred. She bred us 4 winners, inclusive of Twilight. Cracker will need time to recover from his poor start in life, but we have good hopes that he will show his great parentage and will bring a new infuse of valued lines to our stud.

    At the moment, his best qualities that he has been able to show us, are his very kind disposition, his beautiful head, his long neck, his determination to survive and his free movements that he likes to show regularly. Cracker was shown at the WPCV Premium show in 2016 and stood third in his class behind Sumrin Topelius.

    We are using Cracker to mate with Sumrin Saint Mary in 2018 and are expecting his first first foal in 2019. Cracker was sold in October 2018 and is pursuing a driving career at the moment.






    Cracker, March 2017
    Horseland's Cracker
    Cracker, April 2017 at Houten premium Show
    Horseland's Cracker
    Cracker, winter 2016/2017
    Horseland's Cracker
    Cracker, November 2015
    Cracker, winter 2015-2016


    Sumrin Twilight

    Sire: Vanda's Cassanova

    Dam: Sumrin Twilight







    Horselands Cracker Vanda's Cassanova Vechtzicht's Hywel Springbourne Claret Penual Mark
    Springbourne Carys
    Vechtzicht's Hylight Vechtzicht's Lightfeet
    Springbourne Hyflyn
    Coelenhage's Carmen Sumrin Tristan Coed Coch Brodor
    Dyrin Tina
    Langevoren Carola Roman Springlight
    Glenfield Chocolate Cream
    Sumrin Twilight Kai Midas Aelvengrey Merlynne Twyford Nimrod
    Llanerch Minuet
    Sadiqui Little Gift Three-B Barrog
    Highland Little Gem
    Waardhoeve's Tirion Sumrin Tristan Coed Coch Brodor
    Dyrin Tina
    Sumrin Tsarina Criban Star Fiddle
    Dyrin Tina




  • Tatum's Troy



    Tatum's Troy
    grey, born April 9, 2015.

    Breeder: Jelmer Couperus

    Photo by Danielle Hooiveld

    Tatum's Troy was in fact conceived at Sumrin.  The picture here shows him at the Regional NWPCS show in Annen, where he placed second in a good quality class. We are looking forward to how he is developing, because he certainly turned out to what we hoped he would be.

    Roetsenest's Santa Fé

    Sumrin Twilight

    Sire: Roetsenest's Santa Fé

    Dam: Sumrin Tatum O'Neill


    Tatum's Troy Roetsenest's Santa Fé Springbourne Glide Springbourne Claret Penual Mark
    Springbourne Carys
    Springbourne Glenys Revel Carreg
    Rosecottage Giulia
    Nebus Serena Nachtegaal's Captain Weston Falcon
    Rondeels Currant
    Hofke's Daisy Hisland Pye
    Hofke's Sophie
    Sumrin Tatum O'Neill Kai Midas Aelvengrey Merlynne Twyford Nimrod
    Llanerch Minuet
    Sadiqui Little Gift Three-B Barrog
    Highland Little Gem
    Sumrin Tulip Festival Springbourne Huckleberry Springbourne Caraway
    Springbourne Hurrah
    Sumrin Taru Dyfed Geraint
    Dyrin Tina