Sumrin Tricia
(Photo by Joost van Gestel)

Owner: Peter van der Linden
Born: 1992

Sumrin Tricia was born in 1992. Tricia was Tina's last foal. As a foal she was only shown at the progeny inspection of her father, Vechtzicht's Harmony, where she was quite an eyecatcher of a foal.

Tricia was not shown very much until 1999. In 1999, she became Reserve Champion at the regional show in Wanory, behind her paternal half sister Vechtzicht's Heulwen. At the national, Heulwen ended up national champion and Tricia won the prize for the best combination of mare and foal with her foal by Baledon Valpariso at foot.

The two most well-known offspring of her were Our Dream's Tosca by Varpullan Pepijn and Our Dream's Tessa by Baledon Valpariso. Tosca stayed at the Powerful stud for a while, where she bred Powerful's Platini, who sired Powerfuls Zenyatta. Platini now is pursuing a sports career in driving.

Sumrin Tricia

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Sumrin Tricia in the field at Peter van der Linden's place.