Born 2016

Sumrin Tatum O'Neill had three foals in Friesland with Jelmer Couperus. Noardcouper Treasure was the only filly from that time.


We have a history with her sire Twisthoeve's G Rhydaman. Of course, we owned his great-grandsire Vardra Julius, who was one of the best stockgetters in his time in the Netherlands and who sired a number of champions for us. Coed Coch Eirian was purchased at the Coed Coch dispersal sale in 1978 by Mr. Spronken of Varpullan and in 1980, he trusted us to produce her and her filly at the premium shows in the Netherlands. She made an excellent result and became national reserve champion, next to Gwen Vale Bethan. The filly she had at foot was Varpullan Ester.


In 1984, Mr. Jan Retera of Bolster stud purchased Coed Coch Eirian, her colt foal Varpullan Editore and Varpullan Ester. Later that year, Ester became national reserve champion (next to Craig Bach Polka). Mr. Retera called the society to change the registration to Bolster Editore.

Bolster Editore received a premium as a three year of, but got very few top mares to cover. So in the end, he did not have much to show for his progeny. Our friend Mr. Leo Kocken bred the filly named St. Jansberg's Flower by him. Out of an old Revel/Bowdler line from the famous Langevoren stud.

Flower was covered by Joiners Kilkenny. Now Kilkenny was a son of Ceulan Perl, a 3/4 sister to Vardra Julius. Of course, also Penual Mark's dan Penual Margo is a half sister (all by Twyford Sprig). Some interesting linebreeding to the Pendock Playboy line of Revel and also bloodlines that have been a proven match to our ponies.


Noardcouper Treasure was selected for the national show 2019 as a three year old.

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Noardcouper Treasure Twisthoeve's G Rhydaman Joiners Kilkenny Penual Mark Revel Jeeves
Penual Margo
Ceulan Perl Twyford Sprig
Revel Philippa
St Jansberg's Flower Bolster Editore Vardra Julius
Coed Coch Eirian
Frances Rondeels Cerdin
Lange Voren Fancy
Sumrin Tatum O'Neill Kai Midas Aelvengrey Merlynne Twyford Nimrod
Llanerch Minuet
Sadiqui Little Gift Three-B Barrog
Highland Little Jem
Sumrin Tulip Festival Springbourne Huckleberry Springbourne Caraway
Springbourne Hurrah
Sumrin Taru Dyfed Geraint
Dyrin Tina


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Sumrin Tatum O'Neill

Sire: Twisthoeve's G Rhydaman

Dam: Sumrin Tatum O'Neill